Team Diablo

Andrea and Chantal study at the world famous Team Diablo established by Davide and Olga Cacciari. Paladanze is where Team Diablo train and it is situated in the small town of Molinella which is near Bologna in Italy. It is an inspiring place to train, dancing alongside world champions on a daily basis, being guided by your coach and the team of specialist teachers.

Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus coach and teach us. Many excellent international teachers also provide us with lessons at Team Diablo. We are also supported by our personal trainer Marco Cavacini (Rambo) and sports psychologist. Fabio Bosco and Marina Ferrara are resident technique experts and helped us study for our exams. Paladanze is a cosmopolitan place with a buzzing atmosphere created by having students from all over the world, of all ages with a shared passion for dancesport.

At Paladanze students attend lectures, dance lessons, practice and work out. There are five studios including a fully equipped gym, a lecture room and several mirrored dance studios with fully sprung floors and sound systems. Paladanze has full changing facilities, viewing areas and a relaxation area with Wifi available to students. Team Diablo is also part of a research project with Bologna State University and staff visit regularly to monitor dancers during training and to undertake scientific tests. The university is undertaking research into dancesport using the Smart Motion Capture System to measure the movements of dancers and kinetic parameters.

The Dance Sport Academy (DSA) was created in 2005 offering an advanced “closed” course in dancesport for dancers, teachers and coaches. The DSA course takes place on Wednesdays and the termly programme is displayed in Paladanze. The Dance Sport Institute (DSI) was started in 2009 based on the DSA system, with the aim of helping new students offering them a basic grounding in the practical and theoretical aspects of dancesport. The DSI course takes place on Mondays at Paladanze and there is a termly programme of study published. It is a first level course open to all members of Team Diablo and students have the opportunity to progress to the DSA when they achieve the required score in the end of year marks. On the evenings of DSA and DSI a competitive practice is run under strict competition conditions with several heats and a lively audience. Students of DSA and DSI can practice free of charge in Paladanze, which is open more or less all day, every day.

The subjects are all based on what is important for the people involved in dancesport and includes theory and practical classes. The subjects covered are; anatomy, coaching, competition practice, dancesport statute, fitness training, languages (English and Italian), management, physics, pedagogy, sports medicine, sports psychology, strategy and planning, teaching methodology, technique theory (Latin and standard), technique practice and exams, training methodology. Students use the New WDSF technique books pictured above.

Students also attend Rambo training several times a week and as part of the DSA and DSI. They have individual and group classes tailored to their individual needs by their personal trainer Marco Cavacini. The training works on stamina, speed, co-ordination, strength and movement precision. Marco is a qualified fitness trainer with the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and the Italian Dancesport Federation (FIDS) and is a black belt taekwondo champion. Click on the link for an example of Rambo training. We also attend group Performance Classes which aim to develop our competition stamina.


All students sit two exams (theory and practice) per year, one in each semester in both Standard and Latin. There is an exams curriculum and students are examined by two examiners (one internal and one external). Every year the DSA course concludes with the official award ceremony at the Caorle International Training Camp which includes “Best Student” awards. This award is based on the student with the highest number of points; allocated for examination results, competition results and attendance.

All students who attend the Best Students Awards receive a certificate and have a reserved seat in the VIP area of the camp.

Apart from Caorle International Training Camp, Team Diablo also organise other workshops for students at Paladanze in the Spring and Autumn and in December at Merano.

Once a year Team Diablo holds its famous Grand Gala night where the top dancers are invited to dance in front of a huge crowd at this prestigious dinner dance event celebrating the achievements of Team Diablo.

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