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Andrea and Chantal


We plan to compete internationally every month in addition to any "by selection" events to ensure we steadily climb the world rankings.




To achieve this we have a structured training programme at Team Diablo organised by our coach Gabriele Goffredo, who along with his partner Anna Matus are the current WDSF World Professional Latin Champions 

Chantal and Andrea

Recent Competition Results

International Open Latin, Bologna, Italy January 2020 - 11th  

International Open Latin, Ferrara, Italy

December 2019 - 7th 

International Open Latin, Genova, Italy

November 2019 - 14th 

World Open Latin, Koper, Slovenia

September 2019 - 17th 

International Open Latin, Villafranca, Italy

June 2019 - 6th 

International Open Latin, Faenza, Italy

June 2019 - 10th 

International Open Latin, Seraing, Belgium

May 2019 - 6th 

International Open Latin, Baricella, Italy

May 2019 - 12th 

International Open Latin, Baricella, Italy

April 2019 - 13th

International Open Latin, Brendola, Italy April 2019 - 13th

World Open Latin, Pieve Di Cento, Italy

March 2019 - 46th 

International Open Latin, Brno, Czech Republic

March 2019 - 19th

International Open Latin, Prato, Italy

February 2019 - 22nd 

International Latin, Fabriano, Italy

January 2019 - 19th

WDSF Results and Ranking

Chantal and Andrea are both kindly sponsored by VG DANCE WEAR for competition wear, DINCWEAR for fitness clothing, Freed for shoes and Extreme Make-up.